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Real Estate Development

With 30 years of professional track record the OXALIS REIM partners are deeply rooted in the development industry, with significant achievements in Germany and the EU. For us, development can be triggered at any stage of a property’s lifecycle. Starting from a land plot with promising perspectives, down to the comprehensive repositioning of an existing building with a manage-to-core mindset.

Development is a complex assignment involving technical, architectural, commercial, legal and marketing capabilities. We initiate, elaborate, calculate and implement opportunities in a multi-faceted environment, anticipating market shifts and evolutions in order to ensure a sustainable competitive edge to the projects we manage up to completion.

Investment Profile

We are looking for suitable plots and portfolio properties with potential for revitalization for living, hotel, boarding, student housing, and office use.

Our profile of requirements can be downloaded here: 2309_Oxalis_Investmentkriterien. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Headquarter Frankfurt
Oxalis REIM GmbH
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60314 Frankfurt
Phone: +49 (0) 69 348 768 560

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Oxalis REIM GmbH
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